What are the rates at the landfill?

Click Here for our current price list. Commercial tonnage rates can be discussed by calling the office at 719-382-9661
We do not accept appliances containing Freon unless the Freon has been removed by a licensed Freon handler and tagged as such

What is a cubic yard and how do I figure out how much I’ve got?

A cubic yard is 3 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft.
You can measure the cubic yardage of your load by multiplying: length X width X height (in feet) then dividing by 27.

Does my load have to be covered/tarped?

YES, ALL loads must be covered/tarped and/or secured is such a manner that no waste or debris can fly out, fall out or become airborne in anyway. Uncovered/unsecured loads will be charged double, no exceptions.

Can I come out to the landfill and salvage or pick through the trash?

No, salvaging or “picking” is not allowed at the landfill.

Can I bring my old paint, chemicals and/or cleaning supplies to the landfill?

No, these items must go to a chemical waste disposal facility. Call El Paso County Household Chemical Waste Collection Facility 719-520-7878

What if I need to get rid of asbestos/chemically contaminated soil and/or other contaminated material?

With proper documentation, we can accept some of these types of items. Please call the landfill and we will provide you information and instruction for disposing of “special waste.”

Does the landfill provide trash collection services?

No, you need to call our hauling company location at 719-591-5000.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards and cash (small bills only). We do not accept American Express or checks.

Where are you located

We are located in Fountain, CO. Just south of Colorado Springs.